The University of the Brightlands is a university in northern Brightland at the intersection of Route 3 and Route 92 owned jointly by the communities which make up The Brightlands: Brightland, Minahil, Woodbark, and Boardwalke, which focuses on the natural sciences and pure mathematics. It is widely considered the premier university in Ianistan, but does not receive tuition funding in the same way as the State University of Ianistan, instead receiving a large amount of funds for research. As a result, most students are admitted by grant funding, rather than standard tuition discounts offered by the Ianistan government. An exception is made, however, for students who live in Bozrah County, who may receive a tuition reduction from the county.

The University of the Brightlands was founded in 1921 and serves as the largest research institution by endowment and population in the country.