The State University of Ianistan is a system of five universities operated by the federal government of Ianistan. Each university has a specialty, so students are encouraged to apply to the school which most closely matches their needs. The State University of Eastwick, founded in 1910, is considered the flagship university of the system.

The Ianistan government pays for all students' education in the system, resulting in tuition rates around $2,000 per year for Ianistan residents.

The University of the Brightlands, the only other higher education institution in Ianistan, specializes in the natural sciences and pure mathematics, but is considered separate from the State University of Ianistan.

Universities of Ianistan

University City Founding Specialty
State University of Eastwick Eastwick 1910 Social Sciences, Economics, History, Statistics
State University of Mansfield Mansfield 1912 Agriculture, Business, Finance, Information Technology
Rhineland State College Northland 1914 Education
State University of Abbington Abbington 1919 Fine Arts, Humanities, Language, Literature
Pasadena State University Pasadena 1926 Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science